Enterprise Software


The business prefers Software as a Service because it makes the most of a low cost IT budget while giving access to the latest technology and high qualified support.

We have all the necessary SaaS building experience and support that you need for successful service delivery.


As a PaaS provider we host the software and hardware on our own infrastructure.

We provide an API allowing 3rd party developer access that completely eliminates the need of creating and managing complex infrastrustures all by yourself.

UX / UI Design

A combination of software development and user experience design is critical for product success.

Our creative team has become a solid UI/UX expert, adept at mobile and web projects alike.


Web Apps

All present software products provide at least basic front-end access to their functionality.

But we offer much more, because we have deep understanding of every aspect of the server’s behaviour, combined with the usage of both classical and latest front-end technologies.

Mobile Apps

Without a doubt, we live in a mobile-driven world. Customers spend nearly 90% of their time on mobile apps compared to mobile websites.

Building a successful mobile app is a long and hard process. Nevertheless, if made correctly it’ll pay off by playing a pivotal role in your business.

Server-Side Apps

Stability is a crucial factor for all operating system agents and background processes exposed to high-load.

We know well how to create and reliably test them before they go live.