Dedicated Teams

We offer dedicated team exclusively to your project. Thus, we provide you a flexible model allowing changes of the requirements and the scope of the project whenever you need it.

Even if it requires more time in terms of management and communication from the client’s side, this model is definitely worth it, because the dedicated team of professionals will serve you as your own software department.

Time and Material

This model suits best to projects that cannot be divided into smaller stages or there’s no whole vision of the final product.

T&M Model provides customers with flexibility to prioritize the order of features , based on their price and relevance to project solutions. Customers are also supported with advice by our project managers about importance, complexity, ways of implementation and price of the tasks.

Project Based / Fixed Price

Useful and convenient model suited for projects with clearly defined requirements and scope before their initiation.

The changes out of the project scope are charged additionally.

Mixed Approach

This model is a combination of Dedicated Team and Time and Material Approach depending on customer's needs.